Our Mission

Buildings are the largest source of carbon emissions in the US — emitting ~1/3 of all US GHG emissions across 100 million buildings — and not enough is being done to eliminate their emissions. To reach our climate goals we need to quickly and aggressively reduce our footprint. But today, meaningfully reducing a home’s footprint is out of reach for the average homeowner, prohibiting them from taking action.

ZERO was created to accelerate the transition to sustainable living by enabling hassle-free retrofits that affordably improve the comfort of your home and eliminate its emissions. We’re simplifying an unfortunately complicated process to help homeowners understand what needs to be done, how much it will cost and who they can trust to get it done right as quickly and simply as possible.

Our team, born at MIT, has experience in energy systems, sustainability, engineering, finance, and home improvement, and is changing the paradigm of how to get this work done. We’re taking a technology first approach that will allow us to not only make it easier for a single homeowner, but make it possible help every homeowner.

We’re on a mission to eliminate emissions from 100 million buildings in the US, join us and together we can rebuild America for a more sustainable future.

- Team Zero